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im back again
Sunday, July 3, 2011 @ 03:48

been pretty busy yaw!
been working real hard, thks to THAT DAMN 1-FOR-1 PROMOTIONs!
all of us are dying.

ive been good.
d staffs there loves me too.
i love them too.
have been working with awesome team!
i love them.
reminds me of my staffs over at IS.
hardworking, reliable.
hence, now, we became more than a colleague.
*claps hand*

well, nothing much to update though!
coz my life has been so mundane so far.
boring life I have now.
so, if u guys wanna meet me up, do contact me & make an appoinment with me aite!

okay peeps.
take GOOD care of yrself.
missing you!

depression? HELL NO!!
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 @ 11:41

& i dont know whether can I survive there? i really dont know. once, i felt like giving up. BUT its kinda stupid of me to eventually gives up just like that WHEN i haf went thru hell so far. the HELLS that i went thru in the past WAS & WERE BETTA OFF THAN RIGHT NOW! its just my 3rd day, coz im off on monday, & my 1st day working with that effing boss, he aimed me to the max! super to the max. i dont know wat the fuck that ive done there. pardon me for the "lil" wrongs that ive done, WHICH is just MINOR. coz it's been long since i did alot of things. d bar, d cash, d floor. but neither ONCE i forgot everything. i DIDNT forget AT AT ALL!! i JUST need time to adjust. with the environment like that, i think i can't. i assumed only. but as a matter of fact, the more u aim-ed me, the more ill do a fcuking GOOD job in front of you, & let alone YOUR staffs will follow the way I am. ill do it silently. im not changing BUT in fact, im just trying to clean & clear ALL the shits that ur side has messed it up! now i know how u run the operation. in fact, its just the 1st day i work with u. there will be more & more days ill be working with u. & i wanna see how capable my HOB, or shud i say, SSM is like. but seriously, i could get depression over there. really i can. i'd rather quit than having depression there. NOT worth it AT ALL. idk whether is it about the people or the environment that i hate/dislike. OR should i say, the operation flow there. coz different ppl got its own style of doing it. dont force me to do things that i long-ed time neva do it. my temper stops just like that. but dont like my temper goes up again, i dont want it to happen, yet again. really i dont. its hard for me to loosen down my temper, dont let it burnt out just like that. really, i just dislike that. dislike it so much. wateva it is, bless me. bless me that good things will come. really. coz i dont wanna stuck there for a LONG PERIOD OF TIME. p.s: "Its different coz u guys are not in my shoes." TAKE CARE PEEPS.

Friday, April 1, 2011 @ 07:45

Goodbye team. I wish u all the best in IS. ill be good though in PBJ wef from 9th Apr. hmm. ill visit u whenever im free. take care ya. thanks for everything. take care. love u guys.

not happy but i haf to be happy.
Monday, March 28, 2011 @ 23:42

The transfer was being delayed. THANKS to my extended leave. nevertheless, ill be helping Cath's & Zizie's out for their month end. I was doing just fine, but idk why suddenly i became emotional. thinking that it will be d last few moments im working there. but nevertheless, the 3years+ journey was so memorable until i cudnt bear to part with it. but FnB line IS always like that. a journey further from home. ive got no choice but to go. to go to a place that im not sure whether ppl will like me or not. ive to stay humble. today, at work, i guess im not myself. i rather stay silence than talk. coz i know, by talking, its actually good for me BUT hmm. idk how to explains. well, counting down the days. im not prepared. NOT even anything. BUT the thing that im prepared is just my uniform + shoes. & another thing that has been on my mind is to make the team as one. that thing will slowly slowly land on my hands soon. i dont want any politics there. when ive achieved doing that, ill go to the next level. Sales. like how i did to IS, ill do the same thing to PBJ. fcuked care to my 2 bosses. if they wanna listen, they listen. if not, let me do the talking. that one haf to wait when im 3mths old in PBJ. ill haf to look for my frens & enemies closely & carefully. i dont wanna make a mistake AT all. hope everything's goes smoothly for me. pardon me if im being emotional this few days. let me be. coz im not happy at all. in fact, im vexed & sad. wateva it is, i accept. time. give me time. till then. bless me at my new outlet soon.

Coping well.
Monday, March 21, 2011 @ 23:09

Imagining my 3years down at the outlet where I grew, now it shattered.
I was unwillingly accepting the fact that im gg to a MORE bigger & high volume outlet.
Yurp, its true. Its another way of improving myself to another level.
what afraid me the most is, whether can i follow the pace there?
the people there? the staffs there? the HOB there? the atmosphere there?
thats wat im afraid of.
i dont want ppl to step over my head, thinking that they can bully me.
In fact, for the 1st month, i HAVE to be humble.
but within that 1st month, if they begins to step my head, i wont hesitate to voice out.
so what im working with an HOB of the rank SSM?
as a SSM, he/she needs & be able to control their management levels, not until like this.
gosh, now back to square one.
Like wat Cath said, i must know my friends & my enemies.
1st month, is through observing.
i must really blend fast, like zizie.
gg there as a management level, i guess the expectations will be high.
i coudlnt afford to make Cath/Aziz feels ashamed, well thanks to me.
i MUST make them proud. Super proud.
im gonna miss EVERYONE in my outlet.
IS. my 2nd home.
where i felt home/loved/hatred/relieved there.
Working with various types of people/staffs, from HOB, to ASM, to SHM, to CAPT, to J/CAPT to PT.
knowing their characters, from being a timid gal till i managed to voice out like a manager, i managed to pull myself out from those shells.
I've learnt alot from IS.
indeed, gg to Bugis, be it PBJ or CBJ, i know, they are giving me another opportunity to build up my management level skills.
the news being told by my HOB that day, really made my heart demoralised.
i couldnt say anything much.
i kept quiet, feeling emotional.
d 1st day when i got to know, i didnt cry, but in fact, my heart sank to d max. its like as though ive broke up with my bf.
d 2nd day, i felt it too much. i felt that my heart hurts d most.
i cried, while gg home from work.
i wanted so much to hug & talk to someone on that particular day.
But it seems that my bff was bz with her stuffs, so we didnt meet up.
Walking down towards d train + listening to d music, suddenly i felt emotional.
i didnt know that i cried. but its not too bad.
but the worst one was when i reached home.
i couldnt bear with it, i cried my lungs out.
felt relieved.
but now, i dont know how am i gg to react this sunday?
5more days with them.
i grew with them, esp Liyan & HuiRu.
being the bar trainer, & being d middle-person when they need something, i learnt to love them.
im their walking SOP as well as information centre.
now, they haf to rely on themselves.
they need to communicate with zizie & as well as cath.
they need to open up more, together.
gg out from IS, before month end, was indeed a stupid thing.
because, cath & zizie are all alone for month end, with allan's on leave.
with the j/capt coming to d outlet, i hope u guys can blend with her.
shes your new team members.
now, im coping well with the decision made by my upper management.
i began to look at d brightside.
experience. learning journey.
ill brg whateva knowledge that i haf made in IS to my new working place.
i WILL survive!!!

to my staffs, pls give ur utmost support to your HOB & d 2 managers.
i dont know how its gg to be like, but i guess everything shall & will goes well.
i will miss u guys.
dont miss me too much.
& i bet, theres a lil bit of freedom inside bar rite?
coz no more silent killer.

but wateva i taught u guys, bear that in mind k.
good luck peeps.
last few days.
take care.
will miss u guys!
ill promise to drop by whenever im free!

MC + Rotting at home.
Saturday, March 5, 2011 @ 10:27

MY 500th POSTS!!
woots woots.

Im on a 2days MC.
Will resume work tmr!
wow, its been long since i took MC.
i remembered the last time i took MC was when I WAS a part-timer back then!
how long it was?
3yrs later, NAH. 2 DAYS!!
nice rite?
it sucks!
especially with one tooth down!
dont remind me.
dont mock at me.
im embarrassed to show ppl that im one tooth down.
coz my tooth wont grow back.
it will be like that forever.
but its betta to be one tooth down, rather than i haf to endure with the pain forever.
give me 1week to be myself again.
im having phobia of looking at myself over at the mirror.
& im having phobia of closing my eyes, to sleep coz it gives me nightmare.
as i colud see the extraction tools right in front of my face.
in fact, by posting this, i cud still feel the pain of the extraction.
gosh! forget it!
well, ill be fine, after 1week.
coz it stills swells.
thks for the concern peeps esp to my cuzzies, family, & even my HOB!

i felt bad for being on MC esp on a fri & sat.
haiz. indeed i missed working on saturday.
coz last week i WAS on PH, then this sat (today), im on MC. then next week, im on OFF.
its okay.
ill recover soon & help them out!
thats my promises to u guys.
one week.
ill haf difficulty in talking, & smiling.

okay, enuf of that.
its been 1mth!
since im an MT.
learnt alot. i cudnt imagine that im an MT now.
my current HOB taught me ALOT of things.
she taught me things that i didnt know it existed.
& my MANAGER too, before he left to PP, he taught me how to speak up.
from then on, i know, i hold a responsibility of not only helping all my managers, but infact,
helping the staffs out.
1mth, passed by SO SO fast.
i cudnt imagine everything.
in fact, all outlets are looking at our boutique.
coz we haf 4 SICs.
so we cant say NO to peeps who needs an sic.
recently been attached to BC, as the key holder.
in fact, it was such a draggy moment at BC.
but it was an experience though!
thks for the experience.

thnks for the faith HOB!
woots woots.

& i know ive not been updating my blog.
coz ive been working closing shifts, & the moment i reached home, im way TOO lazy to switch on my lappy. hehe.
thats explains it.
im hoping for the next next week.
it was a bad experience. for the coming week's roster.
im feeling bad that cath has to finish it up.
haiz. im so sorry cath!

till then.
ill be back soon.
speedy recovery impy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 @ 00:15


now, all i can do is to focus on my expectations that ive set upon myself.
it was not a difficult task, but i know i can do it!

16th Feb!
d day to remember.

Saturday, February 12, 2011 @ 21:26


i know.
Have not been updating here.
coz been busy.
wanna update but then no mood.
thats why.

but i guess everything's back to normal now.
im beginning to love my life now.
with the frens, family & colleagues.

so now, lets cherish every moments!
be back.

Monday, February 7, 2011 @ 23:53

nothing much to update.

just waiting for that day to come.
i dont know whether it will be a happy or sad moments for me.
coz the days are getting nearer.

& ive prepared a lil.
just that, mentally, stills not.
gotta brave up a lil on myself.
i know i can.

till then.
been busy with work.
so hold up all the meeting-ups, aite frens?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 22:04

its not easy to undastand ppl.
it takes alot of time, patience & understanding.

Im just being random.
nothing much.

im just being tired.
gd nite ppl.

ive got a fren's back.
im happy.

& i gotta work my ass off.
coz april im gg on leave.
to Sarawak.
with my family & aunties.
tickets been book-ed, & wow!
i just cant wait!
last time went to Sarawak was 3-4years ago?
then march, im gg KL for 2days. i mean 2days 1night.
its been long since i went holidays!
gotta enjoy myself.
really enjoy.

ok peeps, gotta sleep now.







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